St Albans Community Pantry (SACP) was born in 2020 with a vision of closing the loop between food waste and food insecurity. It is entirely volunteer run and led.

We are a hybrid of a food bank and a food rescue operation. We collect surplus food from supermarkets and offer it to all through our community fridge and bread pantry. In addition, we offer targeted help to more vulnerable individuals and families who find themselves in hardship, by providing boxes of predominantly fresh produce on a weekly basis for as long as needed.

With growing demand for our services, we are always looking for volunteers and donations, so please do get in touch if you would like to help or donate.

You can volunteer with us and help collect and deliver food which would otherwise go in the bin

To keep up with the ever growing demand this winter and enable us to help families on our waiting list, we desperately need volunteers for the following:

  • ‘Rescue rangers’ who collect fresh food donations from local supermarkets
  • ‘Community fridge‘ who redistribute surplus rescued food from our unit.
  • ‘Packing pals’ who make up the boxes of fresh food
  • ‘Delivery drivers’ who get them to our families
  • ‘Hosts’ who engage with the public at our community kitchens.
  • ‘Allotment adventurers’ who nurture two allotments in St Albans producing fresh food
  • ‘Fundraisers’ who help at stalls and other events to raise

SACP is all volunteers, once you have completed the form one of the volunteers will be in touch within a week.

SACP is entirely run by unpaid volunteers who generously give their time.

With soaring running costs and ever-increasing demand for our services, donations are sorely needed to enable us to keep up what we do.

This can be a one-off amount or on a monthly basis, or why not contribute to our Amazon wishlist.